The One Question to Ask a Conservative Candidate in This Election

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Originally posted on Susan on the Soapbox:

He did it. Stephen Harper dropped the writ and we’re heading into a 78 day election campaign. Oh joy!

I’m serious.

I intend to have a realconversation with my Conservative MP, the ditzy Joan Crockatt.

I expect our conversation to go something like this:

Ding dong.

(Dog erupts into manic barking. Mr Soapbox grabs his collar and hauls him away from the front door. I step out and greet Joan who’s wearing a bright smile and is surrounded by minions trying to keep her out of trouble).

Me: Yes?

Joan: Hi, I’m Joan Crockatt. I’m your MP. Blah, blah, blah. I hope I can count on your support.

Me: If you can answer ONE question for me  Joan, you’ve got my vote.

Joan Crockatt calling the PM (see below)

Joan: Oh goody. Shoot.

Me: What on earth are you guys doing with the TPP?

Joan’s face darkens as she…

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2014-04-30 12.26.51 Children (goslings) running…

…dancing (chirping)

parents (geese)…

…breathless in pursuit

(squawking to defend)

O! numinous sun afire!

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2014-04-29 11.09.01Once Dauphins of Privilege

We are now old men my

Old Friend surely as death

Comes to spring so too

We will soon pass

Regretfully and lovingly

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2009-04-27 16.23.09Candy candle koan

Don’t let the worry

winds blow the flame

out instead med

it ate worries away shoo

shoo move fast like April

clouds between blessed showers

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I weep for the

Beautific spring

Rain tumbling

Tumble tumbling


onto cherry trees2008-05-02 07.31.01


spring’s rosy

Blossoms going…


gone              and gone for another

season’s passing

I weep for



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2014-04-26 10.22.03Tulips strain under the weight of rain

Drops bursting open wet and dewy in

Anticipation of the threatening sky

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2013-06-15 09.47.45The sun playing peek-a-boo with morning clouds

Reminds me of Ann in her fluffy blouse with school

Books in her 6 year old hand. I was the same age

She the more mature acting as if she were 8 or 9

I would make her laugh with a silly

Gesture playing peek-a-boo with her

But when I opened my eyes

She was gone and I was 66.